About RZ Design Sdn Bhd

We serve you the best.

Today, in terms of stylish living and elegant interior design, Malaysia is a fast rising star among South East Asia countries. During this period, RZ Design Sdn Bhd, formerly known as Decor Star Interior Decoration, has been established for more than 26 years, and continues to grow strongly ever since.

Starting out in 1990 from a single unit factory lot, by 1993 we have opened our first showroom selling all types of loose furniture. Today, RZ Design Sdn Bhd is capable of building all sorts of interior structures, and at the same time providing professional consultations such as effective space planning and thematic decoration.

As one of the Id industry pioneers in Malaysia, RZ Design Sdn Bhd uniquely specializes in design-and-build projects for both residential houses and commercial offices. For residential houses, our areas of expertise extend further to include landscaping and water featuring, which are now the essential parts in any modern living. For corporate offices, we elegantly furnish them with advanced structures, yet practical in business sense.
You will find the most satisfactory solution to suit your personal style: from designer-branded fittings to the cutting edge electronic devices and electrical appliances, whether in beautifying your loving home, or technologically enabling your esteemed office.

At RZ Design Sdn Bhd our well-trained designers can supply truly unique insights to your design requirements, for we provide on-site measurement and inspection, at your convenient time. With our latest immersive 3D modeling software and hardware you can better visualize the conceptual construct, and even make just-in-time adjustments on the fly.

We Love What We Do

Product Durability

For every furniture, durability of fittings is a matter of utmost importance, if it is to last for many years to come. At RZ Design Sdn Bhd, we take great care in handling our furniture at every stage: during manufacturing, quality controlling, delivering, and on-site assembling. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Elegant Taste

Whatever your desired taste is, we are motivated to satisfy it. Our design-and-build solution, with elegant and modern furnishing, will fit your perfect lifestyle. The cozy atmosphere it furnishes, you can find it hard to leave your home! And will surely leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

Pragmatic Dynamism

When it comes to features and fittings, our design strives for dynamic styles and yet pragmatic in every way. The ingenious fusion between practical functionality and tasteful decoration will strike you as a solution that is uniquely of RZ Design Sdn Bhd.